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Tool Kit

The Literacy Readiness Inventory (LRI)

The Literacy Readiness Inventory (LRI) will help you identify, articulate, and reflect upon how your library approaches literacy. The LRI is divided into three sections: Meeting Community Needs, Demonstrating Financial Commitment, and Supporting Partnerships and Advocacy.
Complete and submit the LRI online Your responses will generate a "tool kit" of related resources including links, titles, and abstracts, as well as examples of sound literacy practices collected from libraries across the country. This information will help you reflect on your library's literacy accomplishments and identify gaps in literacy services, tell your library's literacy story to the community, the media, and the profession, and complete grant applications for literacy-related library funding.

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Download the Literacy Readiness Inventory Matrix (PDF)

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Download the PowerPoint "No Time, No Staff, No Money..."
Created by Dale Lipschultz for the Texas Library Association, April 2007


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