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Dale Lipshultz"Playing games in today's public and schol libraries is a profoundly social experience for library patrons both young and old."


~Dale Lipshultz
ALA Office for Literacy and Outreach
Chicago, IL


Gaming Readiness Inventory

What do you need to do right now to provide gaming services to gamers in your library?

Tips from the expert panel follow:


Know your library:

  • Identify who uses the library right now
  • Try to find out what groups aren’t coming to the library
  • Survey library users to determine their gaming preferences and their wish list of services
  • Be sure that library collections match patron requests and community demographics


Talk with your colleagues:

  • Know your administration and your allies
  • Get buy-in by explaining the positive outcomes of what gaming can do for libraries
  • Identify frequently asked questions
  • Discuss challenges and barriers to delivering gaming services
  • Brainstorm solutions and changes.
  • Promote collaboration and creativity
  • Share success stories


Reach out to your community:

  • Connect with community-based gaming programs, partnerships, and organizations
  • Introduce the library to businesses, faith-based organizations, community
    centers, social service agencies, the media, and your city government
  • Invite community members to your library for gaming and conversation


Plan for success:

  • Develop a game plan for adding and expanding new gaming services.
  • Create a timeline
  • Review your resources-- human, fiscal, and in-kind
  • Recruit strong allies
  • Take action!



  That Was Then: A brief history of gaming in libraries.

This Is Now:
A snapshot of gaming in libraries today.


Talking Points: Connecting games & literacy.

Tools to measure your success.

  First Steps:
Easy, low-cost models for beginners

Next Steps:
Models large in scope and scale.

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This initiative is generously funded by the Verizon Foundation